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Work and organizational well-being: what do workers ask of companies?

At Trainect we deal with organizational well-being , that is, all those actions, solutions and strategies whose main purpose is to measure, improve, and implement well-being within the corporate context.

We believe that it is increasingly important that the concept of Corporate Wellness crosses the boundaries of the organization , not only because it is now proven by various studies and research that a widespread level of well-being brings greater productivity and return to the Business, but above all because it is becoming a a need increasingly requested by people themselves.

In fact, as age decreases, male and female workers tend less and less to see an insurmountable boundary between professional and private life. This not only makes the dimensions more liquid and superimposable with each other, but makes it increasingly clear that to work well you need to feel good and vice versa.

It seems necessary to us, therefore, to start from them, from people, to investigate this concept more deeply and to discover what solutions we can give them .

To do this, nothing is more effective than asking them directly what they would like from the Company for their well-being. Below is the result of the report.

Trainect survey on employee needs in the Corporate Welfare area. The results

Are you aware of the wellbeing plans proposed by your company?

- 48% responded that they are not aware of it; - 28% which are not foreseen by their company; - 12% say they use them regularly; - 12% say yes, but that they don't find them useful.

Do you think your company should have your well-being at heart?

100 % say yes , because work affects private life and vice versa.

Which of these work situations causes you the most stress?

- The 40% respond when there are too many things to do; - 32% the relationship with the team/other colleagues; - 20% have little balance between private and working life ( work life balance ); - 8% respond that other situations cause stress.

In the break between one meeting and another, do you prefer...

…relax in front of a TV series or a book, 40% ; …go for a walk in a park with a podcast, 35% ; …do some quick exercises to reactivate mobility, 25%.

What do you prefer to do towards the end of the work day?

- 36% he answers that he prefers an activity together with colleagues; - 28% say they read news from my reference sector; - 20% respond with 5 minutes of meditation; - 16% instead indicate something else.

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What do you want your company to offer you to take care of your well-being?

- 40% responds with training sessions available with health professionals (osteopaths, nutritionists, trainers, psychologists...); - 36% with free admissions and discounts for sporting, cultural, educational activities...; - 12% with activities to increase team building ; - 12% with a digital space accessible everywhere with 360° wellness-themed content.

Which of these dimensions of well-being do you want your company to pay more attention to?

- 52% tell us mental well-being; - 20% respond to financial well-being; - 12% emotional well-being; - 8% physical well-being.

Among the options proposed, what makes you choose one company over another?

- 56% are looking for the possibility of working flexibility on site or in smart working; - 24% the company's attention to the well-being of its people and the organization of activities to increase it; - 12% respond with the possibility of benefiting from benefits, discounts and welfare policies; - 8% with real attention to environmental/social issues.

In your opinion, what helps to strengthen the bond between people and the company?

- 84% respond to us by actively and truly listening to people; - 8% with more frequent meetings with management; - 8% say the availability of personalized wellbeing programs.

Among those proposals, which activity do you prefer to do to increase team building with your colleagues?

- 36% respond with a new project parallel to their daily activities; - 32% say with an aperitif or a meeting all together after working hours; - 24% a meditation/training activity facilitated by an expert; - 8% answer other.

Interesting right? From these questions alone it is easy to understand how many different possibilities there may be for taking care of organizational well-being .

Starting from listening to your people is the first fundamental step to bringing wellbeing into your company ! Only by returning solutions that they really want will you be able to achieve the desired results.

Thanks to all the people who participated!

Trainect is the Wellness platform that helps you improve and monitor the psycho-physical well-being of employees in an engaging and easy-to-use way, increasing employee engagement and consequently productivity.

If you want to delve deeper into the topic of Corporate Wellness and understand how to implement it in your company, book a free consultation with us.

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