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Our approach

We believe technology is a powerful enabler of cultural change towards well-being.

We co-design together with HR and CEO the best strategy for the company through our approach and our tools.

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Our tools.

Do you want to build an effective wellbeing strategy for your company?

We accompany our customers inidentify cultural dynamics Andkey dimensions to ensure thesuccess of the initiatives enter.


Analyze the culture withCulture Wellbeing Canvas


Design the strategy with Wellbeing Model Canvas


Measure the imapct with OKR Framework

Our solution.

Trainect is the innovative platform that allows you to increase well-being, team building and the engagement of all workers with a system linked to our values:

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Responsibility to take care of all areas of worker welfare.

Video content, podcasts and blogs on 5 macro areas of wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional, social and financial.
Want to try our platform?

Our 5 areas of well-being

We base our method on one holistic view of the person in the workplace, supporting him in all his areas of life.

We develop digital content usable in every context of everyday life and for all levels of experience.

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