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Attract talent with corporate wellbeing

Wellbeing has become a lever for attracting talent to the company for several reasons: differentiation as an employer, response to candidate expectations, health and well-being as a personal priority.

Positioning your company brand , consistently with the values professed and acted upon, in a distinctive way, with clear attention to the well-being of employees, is now a strategic priority that HR must take care of.

In this interview we had the pleasure of speaking with Marianna Poletti, Founder & CEO at Just Knock Srl to delve deeper into the strategic role of well-being in attracting talent.

How have candidate attraction levers evolved today to attract the best talent?

The new generations are subverting many of the most deep-rooted dynamics that have guided the world of work to date.

Young people are not looking for a work-life balance, but are looking for a job that integrates well with their lifestyle

They're not just looking for something to do, they're looking for something to believe in.

We are in the era of digitalization and transparency, today people want an authentic corporate culture, opportunities for professional growth and flexibility. The focus has shifted towards values such as diversity and inclusion, work-life balance and a healthy and stimulating work environment . Furthermore, the use of innovative technologies for selection and talent management has opened up new possibilities, making it crucial for the candidate to have a positive and personalized selection experience.

Why is well-being a strategic lever for attracting candidates and talent today?

Because people no longer just want a job, but a place to feel good. This ties in very closely to the previous question: candidates want a job that gives them the ability to not give up on other aspects of life. This is because, on a social level, we are much more aware of the importance of taking care of ourselves, especially our mental health.

A toxic workplace, where people are psychologically unwell, is a place where many talents are no longer willing to work , as demonstrated by the phenomenon of large resignations that we have witnessed in the last 3 years.

Therefore we can say that today organizations that invest in the well-being of their employees demonstrate a careful and people-oriented corporate culture. This can have a positive impact on the company's reputation and attract candidates looking for an inclusive and sustainable workplace.

Employee well-being also has a direct link to productivity and business performance. A healthy and balanced work environment can foster motivation, reduce stress and increase engagement, thus creating a competitive advantage in attracting highly qualified candidates.

Do you want to find out how to implement an effective corporate wellbeing plan? Read Trainect's advice.

What advice do you give to HR for designing an effective talent acquisition strategy?

To design an effective talent acquisition strategy, HR should focus on several key aspects which we can summarize in 6 pillars:

  1. First of all, it is essential to analyze the needs of the organization and define the profile of the most suitable candidates. Furthermore, it is important to create a good employer branding strategy, so as to attract the best talent.

  2. We must then look for innovative solutions for selection, using different recruitment sources, such as online platforms, professional networks and universities. This will help you reach a larger pool of qualified candidates.

  3. However, if we want to reach candidates who are not actively looking, we must have the courage to leave purely work channels and enter those of daily use such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Spotify.

  4. Furthermore, job descriptions must be detailed and realistic, thus making it easier to select suitable candidates.

  5. Another fundamental element is to give feedback to candidates as quickly as possible, both negative and positive. It's much more important for a candidate to know that they won't move forward (and why) than to never receive a response.

  6. Finally, it is important to analyze your employer branding and talent acquisition strategies to understand the aspects that need improvement. In short... you can always grow and do better! This applies not only to those who work, but also to those who hire.

Do you want to understand how to integrate well-being into your Talent Acquisition strategy?

Book a free call with our Wellbeing Designers who will help you understand the best solutions for your organization.

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